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Grundy Family

with Hahn and Minderjahn connections

compiled by MJP Grundy

This page offers photographs of the Grundy family, with older generations of Hahns and younger generations of Minderjahns. More will be added over time. The more substantive family history is elsewhere.

The oldest photographs I have been able to find for this family are these two nineteenth century men, both of whom immigrated to the United States from the British Isles.

Photo of Donald MacIntyre
                            Thomas Grundy                                                               Holy Trinity Church in Bolton, Lancashire, where                                Donald MacIntyre
                                                                                                                        Thomas Grundy and Mary Ann Bolton were married
                                                                                                                               on May 21, 1865.

For more on the MacIntyre branch of the family, click on MacIntyre...

Thomas and Mary Ann (Bolton) Grundy lived at 4535 Hedge Street, in Philadelphia. The 1900 census listed them with three adult children living with them: Alice (born Feb. 1870), William (born Feb. 1874), and Anna (born Nov. ___, but the enumerator neglected to write in the year. It was probably 1876.).
On the right and below are Mary Ann Bolton Grundy and Thomas Grundy. Their son William is in the photograph on the left.
                  Mary Ann and Thomas Grundy?

Mary MacIntyre and William Grundy, June 1900

Wedding photograph of Mary MacIntyre and William Grundy; they were married on 6 June 1900 in Frankford, Philadelphia County. The couple lived at 5006 Glenlock Street, Frankford.

William Grundy and his wife Mary MacIntyre Grundy
with their two daughters, Margaret and Edith. 
Margaret, Mary, Edith, William Sr., and William Jr.

. .... ..
William Jr.'s baptismal certificate.                 .Margaret, William Sr., Edith, and William Jr.

William Jr., William Sr., Mary, Margaret, and Norman.

Here are three of the children of William Grundy Sr. and his wife Mary MacIntyre Grundy:
William Grundy Norman Grundy Mary Grundy Shallcross

Many years after William's death in the influenza pandemic of 1918, Mary married Joe Sugden. Click to see his pictures.
William Grundy as adult and child William Grundy and Alma Hahn Alma Hahn Grundy, May 1940

.. .
                                  Alma and Bill: Honeymoon, Wildwood, NJ                                              Ed Barrett and first born, Ed; Bill and first born Lois
       Alma, Mary Shallcross, Mary Sugden, Lois                                                 Mary (Grundy) Shallcross, Alma, Lois, and Lee

the Shallcross family
                                 Walter, Mary and Lynne                                                                                 Billy, Walter, and Bruce, 1947
Mary Sugden, her daughter Mary Shallcross, a friend, Alma, and Lois (in front)
For a short time before their son was born, the Grundys lived in an apartment in this house in Bexley, near Columbus, Ohio. 
The 3 sons of Bill Grundy's sister Mary: Billy, Walter, and Bruce Shallcross, with their older cousin, the son of Bill Grundy. ->

.. 1961
Ken and his father, Easter 1947 Ken, on an earlier Easter, in the
backyard of 1813 Margaret St.
Ken playing baseball with Bobby Raymond Lois, 1952

Lois and Ken with their father at the sea shore.      Ken at Shallcross's in Holland, Pa. William, Alma, Lois, and Ken at the seashore, 194_.


               Ken and Lois in 1938                       on steps of North Frankford Baptist Church                         Ken and Lois

     Smedley Elementary School, class 3B, Ken is top row, second on left                       The family's first auto, with Lois.
Ken as a pirate in the back yard with Dave Burger at Somerton Springs, 1949 Ken and the boys of his cabin at Camp Nichecronk, summer 1954

        For a delightful account of the family, see Memoir of a Perfect Boyhood by Ken Grundy (© 2009). Available on the web.
Wedding of Lois and Lee, September 1954                            Bill in the Gebauer's living room, 1952.
The Demas intramural track team: Hassler, Angstadt, Redden, Ito; Moser, Schmoyer, Stanley, and Grundy; spring 1957? The Great Western Road Trip, summer 1956
Ken and Fred Roedel at the Grand Canyon
Young management trainee for Sealtest (part of National Dairy)

..   Ken playing soccer at Ursinus
Mary MacIntyre Grundy Sugden and her great grandson, Randy 196_. Christmas 1967: clockwise from top: Lee, Alma, Randy, Steve, Lois, and Billy

grandsons Tom and Will, July 1976 William and Alma and their only granddaughter, 1972 Will and Tom with their grandfather, 1971

Alma... ..with her sister Kathryn.
    Christmas at Bill's, 1991: back row from the left: Tom, Randy, Steve, Bill, and Ken;
front row from left: Kris, Alma, Lorraine, Lois, and Marty

Steve, young William, and Tom, January 1992              Ken, Bill, and Maitland,  November 1995
    Alma's 90th Birthday Celebration, October 1999. 

back row from the left: Lee, Steve, Bill, Lorraine, Randy holding Caroline, Kris, Lois, Alma, Ken, Marty, Tom, Anne, Dave;
front row: William, Maitland, Caroline (in her father's arms), Jessica

                Bill, 1969                                  Randy and Steven                                    Randy, 1976
William (20 mo.) and Maitland (4 mo.) Steven Kris, Randy, Caroline, and Jessica, 1999

Bill, Lorraine, William, and Maitland Kris and Randy, 1984 Jessica, Easter 1996

         Maitland and William at Avalon (2001)                                  Caroline and Jessica (summer, 2001)
                                                                                (both photos by Steven Minderjahn)

Click on the MacIntyre family, or on Joe Sugden for pictures of him.
For information and photographs of Alma's family, click on the Hahn family.
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updated June 9, 2010